Workshop Topics & Speaker Bios

Adam Dawson
Money Myths

Workshop Description

Many people find it difficult to accomplish their financial goals, largely because they fall prey to widespread money myths that dramatically impede their progress. Discover the truth about investing, insurance, budgeting, debt management, and retirement that can help you find lasting peace and prosperity in an uncertain world.
In this class, Adam Dawson will share what he has learned over the past 16 years through rigorous study of this subject and careful observation of what has worked best (and what has caused painful problems) for hundreds of people he has served throughout his career as a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional.

Speaker Bio

Adam Dawson, CFP® has been providing personalized investment management, retirement planning, and insurance planning services for successful individuals and families since 2000. He loves helping people make good decisions with their money because he knows how hard life can be without it.
Due to difficult circumstances during his childhood, his family often didn’t have enough to meet even their most basic needs. Therefore, he has dedicated his career to teaching sound financial principles in hopes that he can help others avoid the pain and fear resulting from poor financial choices.
Adam is the author of Timeless Principles of Financial Security, a compelling book that explores how people can find lasting peace and prosperity in an uncertain world. He frequently appears as a guest speaker at community, school, and church events. In these classes, he exposes the common myths of investing and other financial pitfalls that often result in devastating consequences and add unnecessary stress to people’s lives.
Adam holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Brigham Young University and the distinguished CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ certification, which requires rigorous training in every area of personal finance, including investment management, retirement planning, insurance planning, tax planning, and estate planning. He also holds licenses for fee-based investment management, life insurance, and disability insurance. He is COO and Principal of Capstone Capital, an independently owned SEC registered investment advisor based in Henderson, Nevada.
Aside from his passion for personal finance, Adam is an accomplished singer, pianist, and composer. He especially loves performing with his wife Andrea, who is a talented cellist. He and Andrea also enjoy cycling and running together, and occasionally compete in triathlons (which Adam would do more frequently if they would allow him to swim with a life jacket). He resides in Henderson, Nevada, with his wife, four children, and Yorkie, who is always his most enthusiastic greeter when he arrives home from work each day.

April Hulet
Living Beyond "What If"

Workshop Description

Navigating life is not an easy task for any of us; it’s even more challenging when we get stuck asking ourselves “what if?”.  In this workshop, you will learn tools and strategies to see your life accurately, to discover your strength, and to trust that you cannot fail because this journey is here for your good.

Speaker Bio

As a professional life coach, April primarily works with LDS mid-singles who want to create a future they look forward to.  Following President Hinckley’s council “Life is to be enjoyed not just endured,” April provides tools and strategies to increase self-esteem, gain confidence, live a more balanced life, and create healthy relationships while enjoying the journey.  In addition to being a life coach, April received a PhD from Brigham Young University and is currently a rangeland ecologist in Idaho.

Brian Hazelgren
Self Improvement

First: 12 Ancient Principles That Will Change Your Life    

Second: 7 Things You Should Do Every Day to Succeed in Business   

Third: The Incredible Power of Positive Thinking - What a Football Legend Taught Me About Having A Positive Attitude

Workshop Description

First: Over 3,000 years ago an Empire was started by asking God for more Wisdom.  These 12 Principles are more applicable to our society today than they were 3,000 years ago.      

Second: When you master these 7 principles your business will sky rocket! Come and learn how following this formula has built multi million dollar enterprises.   

Third: We all know that a positive attitude is needed in life...but when life knocks you down it's not always easy to get back up.  Let's have a fun discussion about the Power of Positive Thinking - how to achieve it, maintain it, and thrive with it!

Speaker Bio

Brian Hazelgren is a globally recognized expert in startups, entrepreneurship, sales & marketing, business planning, and leadership training. Brian has written 13 books - including the #1 book on business planning, and has trained over 50,000 business executives, college and high school students throughout the world for the past 30 years. Brian designed and implemented the Entrepreneurship Center at the University of Utah, and was an Adjunct Professor in Entrepreneurship from 2001-2011. During his career he has raised over $1.3 billion in charitable funds, and millions needed to launch and expand small business ventures. Brian holds a Bachelors degree from Western International University. He has written many successful business plans to launch and execute new ventures and new product operations. Brian was a member of the 1984 BYU National Championship Football Team, a two-sport All American, and four-sport All State athlete in high school. He is the proud father of six children – including two sets of twins.

Paul "Cactus Jack" La Marr
Comparison is the Thief of Self Worth

Workshop Description

If you feel that perhaps your life's vision is blurred, live a little of Cactus Jack’s life through his music and his words.  Perhaps you will learn through his experiences a few tools for creating beauty from ugliness.  Come see life according to Cactus and learn to create life according to you…

Speaker Bio

He was raised in a family that silenced his voice, devalued his worth, diminished his hope and abused his innocence. It happens to far too many of us, taking the beauty out of our lives and leaving only the ugly…if we let it.  Paul Cactus Jack Le Mar chose not to perpetuate the dysfunction. Instead, in 2011, at the tender age of 45, he took the brush out of the hands of his past and began painting his own vision, his own dreams and his own worth with a palette of “immense depth, understanding, and intriguing colour in his music.” Husband and father of a blended eight, he now knows that it is in the smallest of moments where life profound is created.  Now, six years on Cactus is internationally acclaimed as a music performer, composer, singer, songwriter, playwright, producer and director.  If you feel that perhaps your life's vision is blurred, live a little of Cactus Jack’s life through his music and his words.  Perhaps you will learn through his experiences a few tools for creating beauty from ugliness.  Come see life according to Cactus and learn to create life according to you…

Garth Smith
The Hymns: Another Witness of Jesus Christ

Workshop Description

Garth Smith is an LDS music artist specializing in original arrangements of the hymns.  Through his music he hopes to bring you closer to Jesus Christ.

Speaker Bio

Garth Smith is an LDS music artist specializing in original arrangements of the hymns.
He released his first album “Sacred Hymns” in 2014, and was shortly signed thereafter by RLegacy Entertainment in Salt Lake City, Utah. His second album “How Beautiful Thy Temples” was released in May 2015 and his latest release “Behold the Great Redeemer” was released in September 2016. Garth is currently in the studio recording for an upcoming Christmas album ”A Sacred Christmas” to be released at the end of 2017.

Garth’s albums have received critical acclaim from Deseret News, LDS Living and Meridian Magazines, and from respected LDS bloggers. His music is featured on the Mormon Channel, and the Garth Smith Channel on Pandora, Spotify, and YouTube.  Garth’s albums are found in Deseret Book and all major LDS music outlets. Garth was honored to have his “O Little Town of Bethlehem” arrangement selected by Bonneville International to be part of the 2016 #LIGHTtheWORLD Christmas campaign by the church.

Garth was born in Brigham City Utah. He served in the Arizona Holbrook Navajo speaking mission.Upon returning from his mission, he attended Brigham Young University where an inspired Bishop called him to team teach the marriage preparation class in his singles Ward with a beautiful young woman named Diane Pruyne (pronounced PRINE). The rest, as they say, is history.

Gerrit Dirkmaat
Joseph Smith

The Accounts of Joseph Smith’s First Vision

The Accounts of Joseph Smith’s First Vision

Lunchtime Q&A about Joseph Smith and Early Church History

The Translation and Publication of the Book of Mormon

Early Opposition to Joseph Smith and the Birth of Anti-Mormonism

The Martyrdom of Joseph and Hyrum Smith     

The Martyrdom of Joseph and Hyrum Smith

Workshop Description

Learn about the major events of Joseph Smith's life from one of the leading experts and co-editor/historian of the Joseph Smith Papers.  Dr. Dirkmaat will take class members through the events from the First Vision to the Martyrdom of Joseph and Hyrum

Speaker Bio

Dr. Gerrit J. Dirkmaat is an assistant professor of Church History and Doctrine at Brigham Young University.  He received his PhD from the University of Colorado in 2010 where he studied nineteenth-century American expansionism and foreign relations. His dissertation was titled “Enemies Foreign and Domestic: US Relations with Mormons in the US Empire in North America, 1844–1854.” He worked as a historian and writer for the LDS Church History Department from 2010 to 2014 with the Joseph Smith Papers Project and served as a volume co-editor/historian for Documents Volume 1, the lead volume editor on Documents Volume 3, and as a co-editor/historiancontinues on Administrative Volume 1, The Council of Fifty Minutes.  He continues to work on the Joseph Smith Papers project as a writer and historian on the forthcoming Documents Volume 8. He currently serves as Editor of the academic journal Mormon Historical Studies, published by the Mormon Historic Sites Foundation, and on the Church History editorial board for BYU Studies.  He is the co-author, along with Michael Hubbard MacKay, of From Darkness Unto Light: Joseph Smith’s Translation and Publication of the Book of Mormon, published by Religious Studies Center at Brigham Young University and Deseret Book in 2015. He and his wife Angela have four children.

Jerry Borrowman

A Distant Prayer - Inspiration in
World War II 

Compassionate Soldier - Inspirational Stories from U.S. History

Workshop Description

Historian and author, Jerry Borrowman will discuss two of his inspirational books, to include stories from U.S. History and World War II.

Speaker Bio

Jerry Borrowman is author of 15 books, including biography and historical fiction. He and Rudi were winners of the National Medal from the Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge for their book, "Three Against Hitler." Jerry has spoken to more than 1,000 groups worldwide. In this conference he will talk about true inspirational stories set in the crucible of war. He will also lead a tour to Hoover Dam because of the extensive research he did in writing the historical novel, Life and Death at Hoover Dam. A former bishop, Jerry currently teaches the High Priest Quorum in the Little Cottonwood 14th Ward in Murray, Utah. An investment and insurance specialist by day, he is a writer and storyteller by night. You can learn more about his books at

James J. Durbin II

Workshop Description

Living "Wholehearted" through the Atonement; Melting Away Shame and Discussing Addiction through the Dating Process

Speaker Bio

Jimmy has been in recovery from addiction since 2009 from pornography, alcohol, heroin, meth, bulimia and prescription pills.  He attempted suicide on 9/9/09, battles depression and self-hate and after making choices that got him discharged from residential treatment, ended up homeless.  Through God’s tender mercies, while applying the Twelve Steps of recovery, and implementing a spiritual program of action into his life, Jimmy has become aware of his pride, ego and developed a manner of living that allows him to live “Wholehearted”.  Today, he shares his story of redemption using the daily atonement, standing as a sentinel for those who struggle with addiction or love someone who does.  He shares his experience, strength and hope so that others won’t suffer alone.  Jimmy and Shannon Durbin are Church Service Missionaries serving as Program Coordinators for the Addiction Recovery Program (ARP) serving southern Las Vegas, Kingman, Lake Havasu, Arizona and the Havasupai Indian reservation.  In addition, he and his wife serve as group leaders for the ARP meeting on Saturday night in Henderson and in 2016 celebrated 25 years of marriage.  Jimmy will graduate in June 2018 with a Master’s in Social Work and is a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor – Intern.  He is the Program Director for Renaissance Ranch Las Vegas Addiction Treatment Center and Director of Government and Community Affairs for Freedom House Las Vegas.  Jimmy understands the day-to-day challenges that addicts and family members face in early recovery and the importance of providing the keys that unlock the gate to long-term sobriety, emotional healing and spirituality.

There is more to me than my body.

Workshop Description

A Finnish popstar shares her conversion story and transition from dressing like Miley Cyrus to dressing modestly. She had never thought that wearing modest clothing would be the secret to finding self-confidence and respect.

Speaker Bio

Vocal sensation and recording artist, Jonna, was the first singer and songwriter to successfully combine American R&B sounds with Finnish lyrics, paving the way for a new era of pop music in Finland. She joined the LDS Church in 2003 after releasing her debut album with Sony Music, which topped the Finnish music charts. Since then, Jonna has been determined to prove that it is possible to maintain high moral standards while pursuing a pop music career. She hosted the Finnish TV show, Voice Out!, is a three-time Finnish “show dance” champion, and has been featured in Deseret News, LDS Living, and Mormon Artist Magazine. After her third album with Sony, Jonna broke away from the record label to share her talent with a wider audience in English. Jonna’s first English single, Puppets, was about modesty. She also enjoys bringing awareness through her music to social issues such as mental health and disabilities. Jonna currently resides in the California Bay Area where she is preparing for a US nationwide musical tour to promote her latest album, Sound Mind.

Kate Rowles
No one else is you, and that's your power!!

Workshop Description

Hair and makeup essentials…tips, tricks, bargains, and must haves, to make the best of the woman you are.

Speaker Bio

Who is Kate Rowles?  That's me, professional hairstylist, makeup artist, and fashion consultant. I love a beauty tutorial as much as the next girl, but I also believe in a world where people put more value on who you are on the inside than what you look like on the outside. I love to offer real-life health and beauty solutions to woman of all ages. BEAUTY IS A FEELING, at least the kind of beauty that I want to promote. I know there is divine purpose in our own gifts and talents, that we are a daughters of God!! It's why we want to learn and have progress. After 18 years of marriage and most of that time working in the beauty industry, I still consider myself just a girl in progress. I have 4 kiddos. Madison (17 ) , Crew (12), and the twins Nash & Ivy (6). I believe each of us has a super power. I'm passionate about promoting confidence in helping people find their power. In my class you'll learn where to buy the latest and greatest beauty bargains. I'll be dishing out lots of hair/ makeup tips and tricks. All my confidence one liner quotes are sure to appear.

Ramy Louis
A Clean Slate

Workshop Description

An inspirational workshop that will move your spirit.  Not only is it uplifting and inspiring, it is about the privilege to begin anew.  Join this workshop and find a pathto new beginnings and an ability to move forward toward your own "Clean Slate".

Speaker Bio

The son of a Pentecostal Minister, Ramy began his private search for a faith that would be both powerful and personally meaningful at the age of 10. As a former Record Producer in the Los Angeles area, a High School Counselor who served at Marshall High School in Bend, OR--an alternative High School with 200 young men and women who needed a partner/advocate, someone they knew loved them unconditionally--a Life Coach, a Communications and Public Relations Expert and Motivational Speaker, Ramy's journey of Faith and possibility has inspired untold numbers of Saints.  Get ready to be uplifted, inspired, and re-energized with your personal journey in wonderful new ways.

Doug Roy

Description & Bio

Magician Doug Roy began his journey into magic at the young age of nine, and has been inspired by old-time magic greats Harry Houdini and Harry Blackstone, and current greats David Blaine and David Copperfield. His specialty is performing strolling and close-up magic that is strong and personable, and often includes a touch of humor. Doug is a member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians, and has been performing professionally for the past 10 years.

AND... not only does he perform magic as entertainment, he works magic for those suffering from high debt... who don't want to declare bankruptcy or go through the debt consolidation process... by completely consuming their debt! Including... making it disappear from the credit reports!!

Now THAT is magical!!

Alex Boye
Singer/Recording Artist

Description & Bio

You might recognize Alex Boyé as the talented, energetic singer who performed with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Or you might recognize him from his sensational music videos that have reached hundreds of millions of YouTube views, including “Peponi” with The Piano Guys, “Grenade” with Lindsey Stirling, “Let It Go” from the Disney movie, Frozen, and “Have I Done Any Good?” music video on the Mormon Channel.

Regardless, by infusing explosive rhythms and the languages of his ancestral homeland, Nigeria, Alex Boyé is “Africanizing” the pop music landscape, embodying
his belief that “music has no passport.” Join us Sunday evening during
The Las Vegas Singles Conference for an inspiring musical evening that
will warm your heart, as this beloved performer tells his story of rising
from poverty in London to achieving international acclaim, hitting Top 10
status on numerous music charts, and becoming a friend to fans around
the world. It will be an experience to remember!

Derek and Amy Seal
The Science of Attraction - How to stand out in the crowd

Workshop Description

“The Science of Attraction”  In this compelling seminar, you will learn the secrets to attracting the opposite sex and how to develop your skills in effective body language for dating success. The LDS Matchmaker team will share empowering truths about the factors of attraction for men and women and teach the art of being desirable. If you want to Increase your personal confidence and interest from the opposite sex, this class is for you.      “Online Dating Secrets Revealed – Why Online didn’t work for you and how to fix it”  If you know online dating WON’T work for you, don’t miss this workshop.  Fix your dating pool problem starting today. Online Dating Secrets Revealed will give you actionable items that will change your online dating experience. Learn key profile elements to attract the men or women you’re actually interested in meeting. Hear tips and tricks to help your profile rank highly and become more visible to those you seek. Don’t think high quality singles exist online? Find them using expert search techniques allowing you to extract more profiles and improve the quality of men or women messaging you. Take charge of your online experience and get better results than you ever thought possible.

Speaker Bio

Amy Stevens Seal is the founder and CEO of The LDS Matchmaker®, the largest LDS focused matchmaking service in the world. Amy and her staff have assisted hundreds of singles in finding their eternal companions. Her years of corporate and real-life experience, Master’s degree and industry certifications, have created the perfect combination for Amy to become the incredible dating coach and matchmaker she is today.

Amy’s husband Derek Seal is a body language expert and shares her skills set as a certified dating coach and matchmaker. Derek often travels and speaks with Amy to compliment her message with his touch of class and male perspective. Together they have presented at numerous singles events and professional conferences.

Derek and Amy’s love story and dynamic relationship have inspired many looking for renewed faith and hope in marriage. The couple found each other after many years of personal heartbreak and trials, which have given them deep understanding, insight and gratitude for their partnership. Derek and Amy have a unique ability to persevere against all odds and have each overcome numerous set-backs, including divorce, cancer, infertility, anxiety, depression and other significant challenges. After 13 years of being single again, Amy met Derek, a single dad, who was newly divorced at the time. They were sealed in November of 2014 and Amy became a first-time mother to Derek’s six children. Then, at the age of 44, Amy gave birth to their beautiful twin boys, who are their miracle babies.

Valerie Maw
Online Dating Secrets Revealed - Why Online didn't work for you, and how to fix it.

Workshop Description

Flirting Lab Bio:  The LDS Matchmaker Team is a popular speaking group at various singles events and dating conferences. This group of Love Experts have trained with world-renowned industry leaders. The LDS Matchmaker Founder/CEO Amy Stevens Seal, along with her team of Dating Coaches and Body Language Experts, Derek Seal, Valerie Maw, Sandra Gierisch, and Maren Decker Johnson, help people feel comfortable and excited as you get your flirt on in fun, creative ways.  From first impressions, to becoming exclusive and everything in between, this team of mentors know how to get positive attention from the opposite sex and can hone your skills for success.  Description: Flirting Lab,  Join us for a fun and interactive lab with Dating Coaches from The LDS Matchmaker Team, to gear up for the night with some quick tools and advice to get your flirt dialed in. Take a break from the typical sit down seminar and enjoy a fun hands-on experience.  Let our lab inspire and amuse you as you receive insight and learn new ways to connect with the opposite sex.

Speaker Bio

Valerie is a highly sought after Love Expert for The LDS Matchmaker® and a world-renowned trainer and presenter. She has formal education and over 10 years of marketing, coaching and consulting that qualify her for her current position as Director of Client Relations.

Valerie’s passion for helping people discover and reach their full potential is contagious and she has a gift for bringing fun and humor to even the most difficult situations.

Her wisdom in dating and relationships began with her own experiences as a single mother and has been refined by her professional training and certifications as a coach and matchmaker. In her 10 years as a “single again” woman, she tried many ways to find her match and eventually met her husband through internet dating. Although they found each other online her willingness to be coached and learn from others is what ultimately led her to a happy marriage. She now teaches clients how to effectively approach the dating scene and eliminate the barriers that hold them back from finding real love.

Ann Madsen
"This is YOUR life"

Workshop Description

"The Lord knows where we are. . .He will use - in His own way and for His holy purposes - those who incline their hearts to Him." Pres. Dieter F. Uchtdorf
We will discuss together how that works. How has it worked for you?

Speaker Bio

Ann N. Madsen is the wife of the late Truman G. Madsen, the mother of four including a Navajo foster son, a grandmother of sixteen and great-grandmother of 36 and counting (4 by end of July this year). She loves swimming, cooking, writing poetry, family history and photography.  She received her BS Degree from the University of Utah, her MA degree from BYU in Ancient Studies with a minor in Hebrew. Her thesis was entitled, Melchizekek, the Man and the Tradition.  Sister Madsen has been teaching Old Testament at BYU since 1976 and has focused on Isaiah for the last 20+ years. She also taught courses in New Testament. She taught these at the Jerusalem Center for Near Eastern Studies between 1987 and 1993 while living in Jerusalem.  She has written a book titled Making Their Own Peace, the life stories of twelve women from present day Jerusalem whom she interviewed while living in their city.  She has produced a DVD for Deseret Book entitled “Opening Isaiah” in which she focuses on NOT fearing to open Isaiah, and shares the tools to make that possible.  She emphasizes that Christ is the center of Isaiah’s prophecies and NOT searching Isaiah keeps us from finding the sublime prophecies “hidden” there -- unless we open Isaiah.  Her church service has included: Mission President's wife (New England Mission 1962-65), Stake Relief Society President (BYU 8th Stake & later Sharon East Stake), and Jerusalem Branch Relief Society President 1991-1993. She served a short term mission in the Adriatic North Mission in 2013. She was released in April, 2014 from the Sunday School General Board and serves as a Visiting Teacher.  She is 84 years old.

Chad Hawkins
Drawing on the Power of the Temple

Workshop Description

Finding ways to make the temple a more important part of your everyday life.

Speaker Bio

Since 1989, Chad Hawkins has been one of the LDS church’s premier temple artists. He has published over 100 temple works art. His art career has taken him to six continents and nearly every  temple. His art can be found within sixteen temple cornerstones and hanging on interior temple walls. The original work of his Vernal Temple was chosen to be on permanent display inside that edifice.

Chad began his series of temple artwork, at the age of seventeen to support his two-year mission in  Frankfurt, Germany. His portfolio includes many commissioned pieces, and his works are in private  collections wherever there are temples. In 2011, he was awarded the US Army War College  commision to create the official painting for their graduating class.

He has sold nearly two million works of art and written/illustrated six bestselling books for the Deseret  Book Publishing Company. His seventh book, Temples of the New Millennium, was released in 2016  and celebrates the completion of the church's 150th temple.

Chad enjoys all types of outdoor recreation including marathons and triathlons. As an avid distance  runner, he has competed in marathons throughout the country.

Roger Hunt
Unlocking the Power of Patriarchal Blessings

Workshop Description

Learn how Patriarchal Blessings can bring direction (and happiness) to our lives during turbulent times

Speaker Bio

Roger L. Hunt is a native Nevadan, raised in Bunkerville on a dairy farm.  He served in the New England States Mission under Truman G. Madsen. He received his B.A. degree from BYU in 1966 and his law degree, with honors, from George Washington University in 1970.  He met Mauna Sue Hawkes on a blind date at BYU.  They have been married for more than 52 years, have 6 children (3 boys, 3 girls), 5 are living, their oldest son having been killed serving a mission in Portugal.  They have 18 grandchildren, the eldest 2 of which have served missions (Argentina and Japan).  He practiced law as a trial attorney in Las Vegas for 22 years and has served as a Federal Judge for 24 ½ years, serving as the Chief Judge for the U.S. District Court for the District of Nevada from 2007-2011.  He is now on senior status (he is appointed for life).  He has served in many callings in the LDS Church, including Bishop’s Counselor, High Counselor, Bishop, Stake President of 2 Stakes (first Stake President of Las Vegas Green Valley Stake and first Stake President of Las Vegas Warm Springs Stake), and Regional Representative of the Quorum of the Twelve.  He has been a Stake Patriarch for 8 ½ years and is a Sealer in the Las Vegas Temple.

Jeremy Wood
Heart and Sole (Soul)

Workshop Description

How a Healthy Heart gives us a Healthy Soul

Speaker Bio

Brother Wood is a foot and ankle surgeon, and the past president of the Nevada Podiatric Medical association.  He is also the Founder of Saving Soles, a humanitarian organization that provides foot and ankle medical care for children in Ecuador.  Dr. Wood is a recognized international speaker in the podiatry field and author of the book, Spanish Guide for Podiatry.  In addition to his book, Dr. Wood has authored several papers for medical journals.  He served a mission to Guayaquil Ecuador, and has continued his life of service as a seminary instructor and Bishop.

Chris Maathuis
Winning "The Game" by example

Workshop Description

Sports have a way of bringing joy and happiness to our lives, but they can also bring hearache and despair.  Hear engaging stories from the sporting world from someone who lives it every day, and what role the gospel plays in our overall happiness.

Speaker Bio

Chris Maathuis graduated from the University of Utah. He began his broadcasting career in Arkansas as the news and sports director for KSEE radio, where he provided play-by-play for Harding University. Chris' claim to fame in the "land of opportunity" was interviewing then-Gov. Bill Clinton.  Chris' broadcasting career then brought him back to Salt Lake City for seven years, where he won numerous broadcasting awards for news and sports coverage. Chris was the voice of the Weber State Wildcats in the '80s and also covered the Utah Jazz.  Television work then took Chris to Idaho's KIFI-TV, where he received awards for the state's best local sports coverage; He then moved to upstate New York's WBNG-TV, where he won the state awards for sports coverage and the best single sports story on Kentucky Derby winner Exterminator. At WBNG, he also covered the Giants, Jets, Penn State, Syracuse and the Mets. Chris then moved to Las Vegas to help KLAS, where he leads our sports department in its continued domination in the market.  His coverage of High School sports, UNLV, Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts and the other sporting events is unmatched in Las Vegas. Chris is an Emmy award winning sportscaster, who is also host of the award winning UNLV Game Time basketball and football coaches show.

Bella Yourgules-Scholes - LVMPD
How not to be a victim of crime and how to avoid scams

Workshop Description

A member of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department's Crime Prevention team will teach us how to be safe from crime - from everyday random acts of violence to common white collar scams.

Louie Navarro
Marriage is a Dance:
Learn to Lead and Follow for a More Complete Relationship

Workshop Description

Learn to Lead and Follow for a more complete experience.

Speaker Bio

Louie Navarro has been a resident of Las Vegas for 22 years.  He holds a Masters Degree in Marriage, Family, and Child Therapy.  He is an active Member of the National Dance Therapist Association.  Louie has worked with a diverse group of clients from Children with Autism, Children with Behavior Disorders, Adults with Depression, Veterans with PTSD, as well as being a Certified Drug and Alcohol Counselor and Court Appointed Domestic Violence Treatment Counselor.  Louie's uniformed approach to counseling through Solution Brief Therapy and positive approach to Relationships has given him many successful family outcomes.

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